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oh god it has been forever since i decided to leave tumblr to focus on school and stuff and i really miss this sometimes :(( i know some of you probably miss me too so here’s my personal (xxxxxx) if you have one too and want to follow catch up

i hope i’ll be able to come back to this amazing fangirl world soon

xx <3

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onlyshaymitch: "so the picture/gifset you made of shay mitchell is liteRALLY AMAZINGGG! IM in loVE!!"

asdfghjklç omg thank you so much! :’)

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deanswinchesterr: "dlakjdlkfasdjfa bb!!!! i have missed you! <3"

i have missed you as well asdfghjkl <3 srsly i missed tumblr and you all so much ;_;

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what happened to you?

i actually liked this episode so that’s good, but pll season 4 is just not doing it for me idk i loved season one and two and i didn’t love season 3 as much but it just really ok for me and meh i just don’t know

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Troian Bellisario + aerial

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i don’t even know how to photoshop anymore but yeah… i’ll try

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i want to thank you all for making my dash so pretty and i hope you all have a wonderful summer! :) i love you guys.

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